, is opening in fall 2020.  

You can expect a uniquely brilliant interactive, digital private co-workspace and cultural home experience for architects and interior designers. Our platform will make work, collaborating with clients and connecting with like-minds easier — from anywhere.

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This is a master of architecture or interior design. Someone who places clients at the center of the creative process, while creating amazing design results. Our Designers-in-Residence are highly trained in architecture or interior design, have credible skills that inspire confidence and trust when working with their clients. They also have a proven track record of translating their design process to diverse audiences from home, studio, or anywhere.

If you are a highly trained and experienced architect or interior design entrepreneur, who works with clients on residential or commercial projects, and wants to work in a digital space, while honing his/her skills, we encourage you to apply to become a designer-in-residence.

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